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Tree Trimming


Tree trimming is an important part of tree care. Regular trimming of your trees not only serves to beautify a trees natural growth, but also serves in a tree’s health purposes as well.

Trees need trimming when:

They cause structural interference.
Example: Grow to closely to houses and powerlines.

They do not comply with city codes.
Example: Hang to low over city streets and sidewalks.

They lose integrity by unsightly overgrowth.
Example: A tree appears to bushy and branches become overcrowded.

Deadwood and broken branches threaten falling.
Example: High winds have caused broken branches to hang loosely atop a tree.

Practices of Tree Pruning:

Crown Raising
Crown Raising is commonly practiced to clear sidewalks, roads, and/or buildings from low or obtrusive branches. This practice is referred to by most as “raising a tree’s canopy.”

Crown Reduction
Crown Reduction is the method of reducing the overall size of a tree’s canopy by pruning. Crown Reduction is done for a variety of reasons, one of the most common reasons is to alleviate unnecessary weight that might fall on various limbs.

Crown Thinning
Crown Thinning is the removal of small branches throughout the interior of a tree. Thinning reduces “windsail” and weight that might otherwise contribute to a tree’s uprooting. Another advantage of thinning is the passage of light through the tree to the yard.

Crown Clearing
Crown Clearing is the removal of broken and dead branches from a tree’s canopy, as well as its’ interior infrastructure.

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